Friday, July 04, 2014

Enjoying the passage of time with a shift in mind.

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time..any fool can do it," says James Taylor.

Today I decided to bicycle a route to my mailbox pickup for the first time.

Found myself experiencing a Zen and the Art of Motorcycle moment. Along the way noticing things I never knew were there but yet passed by probably thousands of times unaware. What a sweet sensation it is to pass rows of cars waiting in long lines behind red lights...the wind blowing me along on two wheels. Maybe I should leave the car more at home...I could plan ahead, ride to the bus stop and take my laptop along to do work on the bus.

Hmm, isn't this what I've been telling my kids for years?

They should get used to doing this!


Toward the end of trip the James Taylor song "The Secret of Life" began playing in my mind.

Here's the song  performed by Karen Mal and Strings Attached... I'm wondering what other ways I could enjoy the passage of time with just a little shift in mind.

Can you think of any for you?

Click here to hear the song.

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