Monday, July 21, 2014

From and idea in my brain to a trip on a plane.

"Thoughts can become things"
As a musician I've experienced this time and time again...
Back around 2005 a friend suggested I do a Bob Wills tribute at some point..
I dismissed it, but 5 years later, I revisited it in a new way
What if we took the songs of Willie and re-imagined them in the style of western swing or Bob Wills
Sure why not...let's give it a go...
We did the show, and immediately afterward I asked the cast to  play through the tunes live in my living room, with a couple of interns filming.
Musicians in the early days of Bob Wills didn't have the luxury of mutli-tracking, so why should we?
At about that time Kickstarter had just burst onto the scene and I thought why not apply this baby-funding platform.
Again, Why Not?
Four months later, over 100 backers made it possible for me to pay the cast and commission an artist to illustrate the cd artwork.

Again, old-school, like the music we we celebrating -  Analog baby!
This idea in my brain had now developed a trajectory of its own and we were calling it House of Wills.
Then the part I could never have predicted appened....:)
One morning while checking Facebook, a message from a Frenchman appeared.

He had stumbled upon some of our living room videos and loved the sound.
Would I consider coming to France to play his country music festival and rodeo?
I about flipped back in my chair. Yes! Why not?
9 months later all 6 of us in the Strings Attached House of Wills band flew to Saint-Agrève and play for several hundred French country music-loving line dancers. 
Thoughts can become things especially if you follow them through.
This coming Saturday the House of Wills band will play our 2nd Strings on Grass Sunset Concert.

Watch this fun video about it here:
Seating is limited to 150 western swing, outdoor music-loving fans.
As of tonight, we're at about 110.
So call a friend, your love, a family member or work colleague and RSVP now  here:
Want to get in to the show for free?
Then sign-up to volunteer  here.

We'll be playing music from Willie, Wills, Karen Mal, Will Taylor, and some swing classics from the 20's, - 40's.
Read more about the House of Wills project here and consider buying the cd if you haven't already got it.

All the best,

Will Taylor 512-775-2371

P.S. RSVP now before you go to bed or work  here

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