Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cirles in our Lives - The Folks of Strings Attached

In 2010 we did a contest for free tickets that invited audience members to tell us their stories related to the Songs of James Taylor show.  We picked this story as the winner and choose to do the song for her as a surprise at the show.  Two years later, Claire is volunteer for the Swan Songs organization and the two of us visit a 80 something year old for a Swan Song performance. Here's the letter and the video. THANKS Claire!

Hi Will and gang,

I don't have your phone number so I'll tell you via email why I should have a ticket to tonight's show!

I enjoy Strings Attached because I love strings! I play cello and there is no better way to experience classic music than to hear it played by strings. And by great musicians! I've actually only been to one show -- the Rubber Soul show earlier this year -- but fell in love with the sound. It'd be great to see y'all play some more music.

James Taylor is probably my favorite songwriter of all time. I have several stories about what his music has meant to me but I'll confine my rambling to just a couple anecdotes. I have a tattoo of his lyrics. They are from the song Enough to be On Your Way. The lyrics speak about the idea of home and I got the tattoo right before moving across the country to Austin, my new home. One of the special things about JT is how he brings people together. My parents are divorced and have little to nothing in common when it comes to taste in music, but I have seen JT in concert with each of them on different occasions and they were both brought to tears.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to the show tonight!


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