Thursday, June 18, 2009

Songs of Shawn Colvin and more. . .

When: July 18 -19th, 9pm

Where: Saturday July 18th, Threadgills Downtown
Sunday July 19th, Uptown Marble Falls


For our second "back to the roots" concert this summer, we bring out from the dust, arrangements I composed for Shawn Colvin, Darden Smith, Ian Moore, and Patrice Pike.

Blowing fresh air into the songs will be vocalist/singersongwriters Karen Mal, Megan Johnson and Dave Madden.

In 2004, I got one of those golden emails from an artist I completly admire. Shawn Colvin asked me if Strings Attached could accompany her in a special Ballet Austin Performance series at the Paramount theater. Out of this opportunity, I was given the rare opportunity to actually get paid to arrange another artists music.

You can watch a video of one of these songs here: or download a podcast for you ipod here.

For this weekend's show I have cherrypicked through dozens of arrangements and brought on board three fabulous Austin singers to interpret the songs of Shawn Colvin, Darden Smith, Patrice Pike and Ian Moore. The songs, of course, are exquisite on their own, and the arrangements, often mini-compositions in themselves, hopefully shine their own light on them, and reveal different facets. For eight years most of these pages have just sat in my closet- a silent collection of black dots and lines on paper. I thought it was time to revive them. After all, a lot of time, energy and love was put into making them.

Several of them made it onto our Collaborations CD that came out in 2005.

We hope to see you under the stars at Threadgills Downtown on Saturday at 9:00 pm or Sunday at 2:00 pm in Marble Falls.


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