Friday, July 17, 2009

Songs of the Beatles Naked

Will Taylor and Strings Attached present The Songs of the Beatles White Album "Naked" and more...featuring the lead vocals of Karen Mal and Meg Johnson

When: July 17th, 9pm

Where: Casbeers at the Church

1150 South Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78210

Tickets $15 @ the door

More about guests: Megan Johnson - Karen Mal

Having lured over 2100 Beatles fans to 2 complete White Album performances in 2006, Strings Attached continues its exploration and reinterpretation of classic rock by presenting a new series of "Naked" tribute shows.

Naked in the sense that the music is stripped down to a completely acoustic presentation with little or no PA System. This illuminates and exposes the beauty and genius of the vocal harmonies and arrangements within the songs of the Beatles. The ensemble for this show will include acoustic guitars, violin, viola, cello and vocals by Karen Mal, Megan Johnson.

After presenting the complete Rubber Soul Album in August 2008, Strings Attached returns to the gorgeous acoustics of Casbeers at the Church in San Antonio Texas for one performance on July 17th, at 9pm.

Here are some comments from past Strings Attached Beatles Shows:

Will and SA, it was absolutely fabulous. One of the most energetic and magical shows that I've ever been to. How you managed to squeeze in all those musicians/singers and have the quality of performance that you did is a testament to all who contributed! Thanks so much for a very memorable evening -- what a great way to close out your season! :) Gale C.

Beautiful high ceilings, with a trippy kaleidoscopic light show. A packed audience sitting in the pews of a large downtown church. A team of 20+ musicians collaborating to play the Beatles White Album, straight through. It was wonderful. Carolyn Wonderland singing You say you want a revolution, right now, you know, we all want to change the world. Yes. We can dream our perfect life into being. Thank you, Will Taylor and Strings Attached, for manifesting the revolution.

- Kate Arrowsmith

Hi... That was truly a memorable concert ! And I've seen lots during my 55 years.

Even the Beatles never tried to play that album live... What an amazing feat !

Listen to music from our recent Beatles White Album Concert here:

See video of our last Beatles performance here:

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