Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strings Attached for your party, wedding or event - checkout our videos

Did you know we're available for parties, weddings, and any sort of event requiring a band or string group that can traverse a gigantic musical landscape?

Checkout some of our best live shows below.

Call Will direct at 512-775-2371 to talk about your date or email.

We can "taylor" the music to fit your event just like you want it.

Full Band Vidoes Listed by Categories

Rolling Stones Show

Sting and the Police

Songs of Simon Show

Songs of Willie Nelson Western Swing and Country Show

Led Zeppelin

Whole Lotta Love
Misty Mountain Hop
Dancin Days
Black Dog
whole lotta love
rocknroll sample
your time is gonna
houses of holy sample

Stevie Wonder

Strings Attached plays Stevie Wonder

I Wish
Higher Ground
Don't You Worry
Boogie On
Isn't She Lovely
all in love is fair.MOV
Master Blaster

The Beatles

Come Together Hi Low
Something featuring Aimee Bobruk and Strings Attached

Revolution 1 Low
A Little Help Track Hi Low

A Day in the Life Hi Low
Fixing a Hole Hi Low
Getting Better Hi Low
Good Morning Hi Low
Lucy in the Sky Hi Low
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite Hi Low
Imagine by John Lennon

James Taylor Show

Peter Gabriel
More here...

Saturday Night's Alright
Private Conversation by Lyle Lovett

Beautiful Day by U2 Hi Low
Fields of Gold by Sting Hi Low
I Feel Good Hi
Michael Shay and Strings Attached play Suzanne Hi
Slaid Cleaves and Eliza Gilkyson part1 Hi
Slaid Cleaves and Eliza Gilkyson with Strings Attached Part 2 Hi
Slaid and Eliza part 3 Hi

Joni Mitchell

Carey by Strings Attached
Chelsea Morning Hi Low
My Favorite Color - Will Taylor and Strings Attached Hi Low
Instrumental/Band Only
Crazy played by Glenn Rexach Hi Low
Make sure your sure.MOV

Gee Baby Hi Low

Classical/Strings Only

Solo Vocalist

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