Friday, May 02, 2008

Trish Murphy Show Saturday May 3rd

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Hey guys! Its a busy month for Strings Attached. A house concert and the big Paul Simon Tribute! Lets do the numbers. And while I'm at it, Just Say No, to negativity! (nice bumper sticker i saw this morning)
1) This Saturday night we're presenting an intimate concert with Trish Murphy at the home of Lori and Ron Olfers. Who knows, if the weather is like tonight, we'll open the doors and let in the fresh air to swirl around with the music.

My mom once again will provide special treats for the occasion and Massage by Michel will be present.

Checkout our set list on Itunes here.

Only 100 seats are available for this show so get your tickets here.

I have reserved a few seats on a pay what you can and/or donation basis. If this sounds better for you, email Will now at We require that you do at least one volunteer item to get this deal. Here's a list of some of things you can do.

2) New Videos from the Songs of Patti Griffin Recording Session currently underway! There's a unique energy that pulsates between musicians when they're "forced" to record in the same room with no nets. I truly believe that the "old" school way of recording is going to come back! There's just something special about human beings communicating in real time in a room together. I believe it has something to do with our limbic systems. And what fun it is to capture this magic in zeros and ones! How many of you agree with me that in these situations, it is often the imperfections which make it perfect or unique!

We'll with that said, checkout how Molly gives 120% in these no net studio performances! Well actually, we all really gave 120%.

Great camera work by Marc Utter on these two songs!

Nobody's Cryin Hi-Res Low-res
Useless Desires Hi-Res

Fun behind the scenes clips from the sessions Hi-Res or Low-Res.

Ahh. . . the glamorous life of a musician. . .jealous?

Look out for a new release soon from these sessions! Thanks to Marc Utter for his great farm studio!

3) The Strings Attached camp didn't make it this summer. But Will and Shawn are available all summer for anyone who would like private lessons. Give Will a ring at 512-775-2371 to set it up now!

4) Last but not least. My spring intern, Michael Lengefeld has created a video for every song on our Sgt. Pepper Album
Go here now to view his inspired creative work!

5) Upcoming Calendar - Read below or checkout our online google calendar.

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