Friday, May 09, 2008

Barter for Tickets to Strings Attached - Video from Trish Murphy show

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I'm challenging myself to get a quick note to you folks before 5pm when the weekend officially starts. For me it will be a cold one and the lovely company of Lynn in her backyard by the pool.

It's 4:22 and even after taking several cat naps today in a admirable attempt to re-energize myself, I'm still dragging.

The self-employed life has its challenges - one is being your own motivator in the face of days of 15 hour days when your only company is a quiet kitchen and occasional visit from Spokey and Twilight the cats. Can anyone sympathize? I did choose this though. . . right?

I want your folks to know how much it means to me that you come to my shows. One of the things I'm really not happy with in my choice of being a musician is the number of hours I spend not communicating and interacting with other human beings. I look forward to every Strings Attached show as much musically as to just being around other people to do that old fashioned community thing. Building eye to eye, heart to heart relationships. I hate to think we're progressing toward a "Matrix"-like reality, But my current work life doesn't give me much hope. I miss that wonderful real time human interaction.

So much so, that I'm putting out to the universe starting with this email. I want that to change!

The how part hasn't come as much yet. But I'll relax and let it come.

Anyone interested in starting a new student teacher interaction? I would so love to help someone be inspired with the journey of music. This is your chance. I have no students right now. Anyone of any age call me at 512-775-2371 or email

Show coming up this week: The Songs of Paul Simon with Matt the Electrician, Aimee Bobruk, and Mark Utter May 16-18

-Video from trish show

Here's a list of some of things you can do to earn FREE Tickets to shows or just call Will at 775-2371

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TexasDeb said...

I'm forwarding your blog to my friend Joan C. who plays violin with ASO and hasn't gotten a chance to see one of your shows - yet. But she wants to! I am sure reading/seeing what you have to say will help inspire her.

Hang in there - I am sure the universe will help you out with that feeling of isolation and soon...