Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All about the Guests for the Show This Weekend...

As you already know, we have an upcoming show featuring the strings-infused songs of Police and Sting at Threadgill's in Austin on November 13th at 9:00PM and in the Woodlands on Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Here's our setlist in case you're interested.

To give you a bit of a preview, here is additional information on our special guest artists.

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Guy Monroe (guest singer)

Guy Monroe is thrilled to make his performance debut in Austin, Texas
with Will Taylor's Strings Attached. He is humbled and honored to
work with such masterful artists.

What is challenging for some vocalists comes easy to Guy Monroe. A
chameleon-like instrument, Guy¹s vocal expression captivates audiences
with broad range and magnetic energy. Guy Monroe sings live locally,
and is a speaking, singing, and shyness coach. He also enjoys
performing as a studio vocalist for voice-overs and unique vocals
required by studio engineers.

Guy Monroe gets his message out to an international audience through
his public speaking, workshops, audio programs and motivational
coaching. Find Guy on the web at www.guymonroe.com or at

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Molly Venter

See videos of Molly with Strings Attached.

Molly Venter has performed with Will Taylor and Strings Attached on several shows and recorded with them on the Back to the Garden album.

Combining smart lyrics, captivating melodies, and a voice that stops listeners in their tracks, Molly Venter successfully combines Alternative Folk Pop with strong undertones of Soul, Gospel and a hint of Country. a

Molly’s voice is undeniably compelling; drawing comparisons to Tracy Chapman, Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant and Patty Griffin. She infuses soulful passion and a gutsy edge to her rich, textured lower tones. As written in American Songwriter Magazine; “Few singers turn first time listeners into eternal fanatics as effortlessly as Molly Venter… Her voice is like an unbelievable Burgundy; many notes, flavors, fragrances, and it all goes down like silk.”

Once she has drawn listeners in with her vocals and melodies, Venter wins over fans with the depth of her writing. Her insightful, creative lyrics follow in the tradition of Folk greats like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Looking at the world through the lens of relationship – romantic, familial and personal – Venter manages to find a narrative that is raw, curious and self-aware without being blaming or self-deprecating.

Molly’s voice and songwriting combined with her warmth and authenticity onstage make her a commanding presence. Idaho Mountain Express noted; “Molly Venter’s voice seems larger than her small frame could possibly produce – see her perform live, though, and one learns that her stage presence magnifies her, steals any show, and demands attention…”

Her song “Walking Backwards” appeared in the 2004 Warren Miller Ski Movie “Impact”, as well as subsequent Jeep promotional CD’s in ‘05, ‘06. This year she has been selected as a finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition and placed second at the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival’s songwriting competition. After 3 solo albums since 2004 and frequent coast to coast touring, Molly has been building an audience in a number of cities across the country, most notably New York, Boston and Austin, TX. She has shared the stage with Patty Griffin, Amos Lee, and Josh Ritter.

Venter grew up in New England, lived in the North-West and in Mexico before settling in Austin, TX, which she now calls home.

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Jenny Reynolds

Two years of touring Texas was all it took to get singer-songwriter Jenny Reynolds to move to Austin, a decision which came to fruition on the cross-country drive in a '97 Honda Civic that was crammed with everything that would fit. She arrived to a friendly welcome from Austin's music scene, making the transition smooth and successful. This 2003 Kerrville New Folk Finalist immigrated to Austin, TX in late summer of 2003, and was featured on KUT's Austin Music Minute the following November.

"That was a pinnacle part of the drive, partly because at the moment of crossing it, I suddenly realized moving to Texas was the right thing to do."

In relocating, Reynolds leaves behind her a distinguished past in New England. Nominated for a 1999 Boston Music Award for her debut CD Colored in Poetry, Reynolds has shared the stage with Ruthie Foster, Sara Hickman, Terri Hendrix, Warren Hood, John Gorka and John Prine. She is an artist and Associate Producer of Signature Sounds' Respond compilation, which to date has sold well over the $100,000 mark. Reynolds is also an Associate Producer of Respond II, which features Dolly Parton, Patty Griffin, Sarah McLachlan and Ani diFranco. Reynolds' sophomore CD, Bet on the Wind, received praise from Paste Magazine, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald, and is played on radio stations around the world.

This life-long native of Boston grew up listening to James Taylor and the Beatles. Hailed as "...a gifted guitarist..." by the Boston Herald, Reynolds started playing when she was 8; listening to Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt helped Jenny to learn guitars weren't just for boys. "Patti Smith helped with that too."

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