Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zeppelin Concert and Lightshow Coming Up April 7th

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The Zeppelin Concert and Lightshow is coming up April 7th outside under the stars at the Nutty Brown Cafe in Austin, TX.

Featuring Will Taylor and Strings Attached with John Pointer, Ed Jurdi of the Heathens, Mark Utter and Malford Milligan

When: April 7, 2007 7:30 p.m.

Where: Nutty Brown Cafe

2225 Highway 290

Tickets $12/advance & $15/door or toll free 1-866-235-0270

Promo Download site:

Musical Slide Show http://ZeppelinShow.comStrings Attached


After 3 sold out perfomances last Novemeber at the Historic St. David's Church, Will Taylor and Strings Attached present an encore performance of The Zeppelin Concert and Lightshow under the stars at the Nutty Brown Cafe this coming April 7th.

As with the Beatles shows, the goal is not one of imitation or to present a rock museum piece, but to bring to life this music with renditions personalized by each guest artist. Guests will include Malford Milligan of Storyville, John Pointer, Mark Utter, Jean Synodinos, and Ed Jurdi.
The set list will include a broad swath of tunes: Going To California, Thank You Over The Hills And Far Away, Since I've Been Loving You,Friends, The Battle of EvermoreRobert, Black Dog ,Stairway To Heaven,You Shook Me , The Lemon Song, Tangerine, Your Time Is Gonna Come ,Four Sticks, Kashmir, Hot Dog, Dazed and Confused, Immigrant Song, Misty Mountain Hop, Rock & Roll, Houses Of The Holy, Whole Lotta Love
More shows coming this season include:

April 27th Peter Gabriel Tribute with Malford Milligan and David Rice
May 25 and 27th The Complete Beatles Seargeant Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band
June 29th and 30th The Music of Pink Floyd
July 27th and 28th Tribute to Joni Mitchell with Molly Venter, Libby Kirkpatrick, Kat Edmonson, Jean Synodinos and more. . .

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