Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Will Taylor's House of Wills show performing at benefit for The Children's Music Foundation Thursday and Play a Game of Golf with Willie

Photo by Jeff Twiss
This coming Thursday I highly recommend you consider penning this into your dance card.  Want a chance at a game of golf with Willie Nelson?  Read on down....

As many of you know, we are very committed to inspiring children about the joy and challenges of taking up a musical journey in life.  If you don't know this, see a video that shows Strings Attached in action  in the school here:

Since 1999, we've presented our American Roots program for Elementary and Junior High kids and taking our western swing show House of Will's on the road to San Angelo public schools.  We've also donated cto  Kids in a New Groove at many of our past classic rock shows.  Going beyond the stage and reaching out to the community is a priority for us.

About six months ago I met the energetic and creative Tiffany McMillan through a facebook post.  Tiffany is a passionate crusader for getting music into kids lives, especially the ones that can't afford lessons or the purchase of a quality musical instrument.  Tiffany proposed the idea of partnering Strings Attached with a photographer or artist and putting on a fundraiser in a private home.  Photograper Jeff Twiss (the one who snapped the photo at the top of this blog) is the featured artist showcasing black & white photography pieces from his fine art collection.

So this is it folks!  

This Thursday the Strings Attached House of Wills band will be in full costume for an intimate performance in a beautiful Westlake home.  Come help us raise funds for this wonderful foundation.

Here's a video of our House of Wills show 

Get tickets here now!

Oh yes...and if you're interested in playing that game of golf with Willie Nelson, that possibility is on the LIVE auction block in addition to a guitar signed by Eric Johnson, Sonny Landreth, and Billy Gibbons.

You have to be at the show this Thursday to make a bid.

----->>>> Join Strings Attached House of Wills on May 17 for an intimate evening of music and art to benefit the Children's Music Foundation. 

The Children's Music Foundation fills the musical gap in the lives of many underprivileged children. Public schools are facing budget shortfalls that result in cuts to art and music programs. Creative outlets are critical to the growth of every child, and the arts provide children with healthy avenues for self-expression. The Children's Music Foundation encourages the creativity of young people by providing them with free instruments and lessons. The foundation arranges public performances for the children, giving them an opportunity to celebrate the experience of music with their friends and families.
At the benefit, House of Wills is performing their unique style of Western Swing that is featured on their "House of Wills" album. 

In 2011, the album received recognition as one of the top 100 country albums of the year and in August of 2011, the group was invited to perform their show in France.

Members include Steve Zirkel on trumpet; Jon Dexter on cell; Will Taylor on violin, viola, guitar and vocals; Karen Mal on mandolin, vocals and guitar; Steve Carter on vocals and guitar and Michael Stevens on bass.

Other artists at the benefit include James Speer and Jeff Twiss.

Buy tickets now here.

See House of Wills Video here.

House of Wills show in France 2011

See you soon!

Will Taylor

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