Thursday, August 05, 2010

Help Austin's own Strings Attached bring "House of Wills" (Willie Nelson's songs in the style of Bob Wills) to CD/DVD/stages/more.

I'm going on a short vacation tomorrow to Chicago.  But before I leave, I wanted to see if you could do one thing for Strings Attached.

Can post something simple on your facebook and/or twitter page...or better yet, send a letter to your friends?

1. Cut as past this into your status message:[tag me by typing @will taylor]

 Everyone: Help Strings Attached bring the "House of Wills" project ( Willie Nelson's songs in the style of Bob Wills) to CD, DVD, stages, and more. If you love Willie, Wills, Will, or all three, give a little and tell your friends!

Read more here:

2. or post a video to you page with the above message: Video link:
3. Here's a letter you could use to cut and paste to your friends about the project:

Hey [name],

Will Taylor is raising funds for his "House of Wills" project (Willie Nelson's songs in the style of Bob Wills).

I think its a wonderful project and deserves our support.  Here's are details from Will:
Let's pay tribute to a living legend of American music by funding a CD/DVD featuring fabulous acoustic settings of Willie Nelson songs. 

This July, I painstakingly crafted new arrangements for 16 Willie Nelson songs and presented them in a new light at two live concerts in Austin, TX. 

Imagine the most sublime Nelson lyrics given a new setting of sophisticated yet grounded western swing sty-lings, a bit of mariachi, a touch of Chet Baker played by a family of season acoustic musicians - violin, cello, trumpet, upright bass, classical and steel string guitars, mandolin, female and male vocals and harmonies.

Listen to a few of the songs we've completed here. []

We've presented the live concert (see photos here), have recorded and filmed most of the songs in my home studio (see videos here), and now you have the opportunity to give this project wings and receive fun personal rewards as thanks. 

  • How about being able to come backstage to any Strings Attached show for the rest of your life? 
  • Or a private voice lesson from Karen Mal. 
  • Look to the right on this page for a detailed list of rewards.

Wings to do what, you say? 

First and foremost we want to release a recording of the gorgeous arrangements and playing that has already been captured in our home studio as a CD and digital recording available on iTunes. 

But, if we raise more then our goal, we'll also produce a DVD documentary including footage of the recording process, interviews, and videos of every song on the album.
Read the rest of the details here:

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