Monday, August 24, 2009

Acoustic Rubber Soul

Seats still available for House Concert and Live Studio Recording

Rubber Soul Three Ways:

August 28th House Concert 8pm
August 29th Outdoors at Threadgills 9pm
August 30th Live Concert Studio Recording 8pm


Can't make the big outdoor Threadgills show? Attend one of our special indoor house concerts Friday or Sunday.

Hideout Studios

How often do you get to hear a complete Beatles album performed live in a homey setting? Flesh, bone, strings, skin and wood vibrating the air inches from your seat? Even in our digital age of high tech stereo and PA Systems, there's just something that can never be replaced by an "old-fashioned" acoustic performance. Is it necessarily better because of amplification? Is loudness an indicator of beauty or quality, or the better performance? Or have we been desensitized due to the symptoms of our industrial world of the last 100+ years.

All interesting questions to consider. As many of you know, I'm not any sort of extremist. I just like to shake things up and consider all the ways to present music: electric and acoustic or both at a single show.

After all, all music was acoustic before electricity.

At a memorial service for the much loved local musician Nigel Russell, his thoughts on this subject we're shared. I share them with you here.

One of the big differences between acoustic and electric music is that in the world of electric players often quantity IS is how the players and audience get pumped up. Acoustic players depend on the nuance of lyric,voice and melody for intensity because their volume is a fixed amount. If I had my way the Studebakers would never use microphones.

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Reviews for our last Rubber Soul Journey:

In my continuing quest to discover the Austin music scene I was over at my local corner store the other day picking up and ice and Chocolate milk for my post training recovery bath and I saw poster outside for Rubber Soul Live. More here. . So I just have to email and let you know how much my wife Penny and I enjoyed Rubber Soul the other night at Threadgill's. We have enjoyed all your shows, but you really took it to another level with this last one -- make it several levels -- into the stratosphere. It was an amazingly tight, creative, and astoundingly well done treatment of one of my very favorite Beatles albums -- I run out of adjectives! I especially was knocked out by Jamie Iverson. -Will

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