Saturday, September 20, 2008

Austin musician Will Taylor teaching music to all kinds of folks

Will is ready to teach you or your child violin, viola, guitar or piano.

What's life without risk? Take the plunge!

Are you one who goes to concerts and passionately thinks, "I want to do that?"

Then why not let me turn that spark into a fire for playing music.

Better to have played music then never played at all. Ya Think?
Remember fear is temporary, regret permanent.

With my teaching it is my goal to find a good balance between passion and discipline.

Why in the first place would you or anyone want to play an instrument?

Well for me #1 is It's FUN.
What does FUN = for you?

Its why I've been at it for almost 30 years and why I continue forward to this day.

This passion has led me to create experiences with artists on all levels. From Grammy Award winners like Shawn Colvin to relatively unknown Genius like Libby Kirkpatrick and song circles from Kerville to classical chamber music get togethers at my home. A life in music never ever gets boring or predictable.

Its fun to make music with friends, make new friends with music, and take you and others minds and souls to otherworldly places.

I'd like to know why you like music and why you play or want to play an instrument.

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If you're interested in continuing or starting a journey with me,
Call me at 512-775-2371, email me here, or post a note.

See videos of me playing here.

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